Are vertical or horizontal radiators best?

A better question would be which one is the right type of designer radiator for your room – Horizontal or Vertical?


Is there a difference in heat output between horizontal and vertical?

In terms of heating a room, it doesn’t really matter whether the radiator you choose is horizontal, vertical or square. Modern radiators are available in just about every shape you can conceive of and come in a range of materials too, so it’s really no wonder that more and more people see them increasingly as a style statement rather than just a functional piece of kit.


Start with an accurate picture of how much heat your space needs

The main factor behind your choice should start with whether the designer radiator you select will get hot enough to heat the space. Whether you opt for a vertical designer radiator or a more traditional horizontal designer radiator style, the main factor behind your choice is - will it get hot enough to heat the space. Once you know your BTU requirements, the choice of vertical or horizontal can be made based on the aesthetic of the room and what you are trying to achieve in terms of design and style.


Choosing the right place for a radiator helps you choose between horizontal or vertical?

Sometimes the smallest and most efficient wall space to use is underneath a window which means a horizontal radiator is the obvious choice.  Other times it’s a jutting out wall keeping up the wall between a new extension and the old house, this would mean a vertical radiator would be best. If the room needs more heat, you could add an infrared panel radiator, with the added flexibility and freedom you'll get - because this only needs a power supply. If you are looking for a quick upgrade for your home’s heating, more often than not, it is easier to select a like-for-like swap of the horizontal radiators you already have in place. When it comes to wall space though, you would have a little more to play with if you were to install the vertical design instead of the horizontal radiator.

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