Which are the best designer radiators?

It's a question often asked but in real terms, it depends on what you need. The styling, colour or finish are all subjective – but what one person likes in a designer radiator another person may not.


The best designer radiator for your aesthetic needs

Given that you want a designer radiator, you're most likely driven by the style and finish. You can have a bespoke designer radiator made to your size and specific colour from almost any of our range. The price isn't too much more than the standard, but you'll have a 5-6 week lead time. So find a style you like and call one of our technical support team who will explain the sizing options and relevant cost.


What is the best designer radiator for your heating needs?

Heat output is an objective criteria measured in BTU's. BTU is an acronym, it stands for British Thermal Unit. It's a form of measurement that measures energy. To get an idea of the heat output you need for the specific space you can use our Radiator BTU Calculator. The radiator calculator helps you work out how much radiator heat you need. To heat a room, you'll need to enter the details in the BTU Calculator - this will give you the heat output in BTU's required to efficiently heat the space. Remember you can have one high performance radiator or two or three radiators sharing the load.


With over 10,000 designer radiators in stock and 100's styles - were here to help!

Call our support team for free advice, they can help you rationalise your designer radiator requirements based upon the functionality needed. We then present you with the options which deliver the performance needed, plus guide you through the style options. We can advise if you want to replace a single radiator as easily as possible (i.e. help you select a the size of radiator governed by the existing pipework). If you are having an extension built or remodelling an entire property they can help you put a designer radiator package together to create a stylish look plus negotiate a bundle deal.

The best designer radiators to match a contemporary new build won’t just make a design impact in your home, they'll also work as efficiently as possible to save energy and cut your bills - so it's worth getting professional advice - call 01530 564 122 and speak to one of our support team today.

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