Designer radiator ideas

With so many designer radiator styles it's often an overwhelming experience to choose the radiator in isolation. Which is why we've created this radiator ideas page to provide a pinboard of our stylish designer radiators in room sets to inspire you.


Radiators in open plan kitchens

One of the biggest changes in interiors is the trend for open plan kitchen/dining/living areas. When choosing radiators for these large, multi-functional spaces, consideration needs to be given to output, location and distribution. Because these rooms are bigger there will be a higher heat requirement but that doesn’t mean you need huge radiators dominating the interior.

Towel and bathroom radiators

A designer radiator in the bathroom is a great way to complete the look of any bathroom but also has the practical use of warming your towels. With a range of different styles, sizes and colours, we have the ideal designer radiator or towel heater for any bathroom.

Designer radiators as a lounge focal point

Designer radiators are the perfect way to make a bold statement in your home. Choose a visually striking shape and material to give the impression of a contemporary painting or sculpture that adds texture, colour and a ‘wow factor’ to your living room. Coupled with powerful heat output you’ll be able to blend form and function seamlessly.

Stylish bedroom radiators

Our stunning range of stylish and designer bedroom radiators will add style and warmth to your bedroom. Whether you go for the practicality of a full length mirror radiator or something more striking and colourful - Agadon Designer Radiators can provide an unlimited variety of styles, colours and orientations.

Start with the heating requirements of your space

It is  important to know exactly what the heating requirements of your space are. A BTU calculator determines the size and heat output of radiator needed. By answering a few simple questions about room dimensions and particulars, a BTU calculator can identify the optimum output of radiator you will need.

For further details or advice on any of our designer radiators for bathrooms, bedrooms or open plan spaces, contact call 01530 564 122 and speak to one of our support team today.

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