Feature designer radiators

5 key factors to consider and top tips for choosing the right feature designer radiator.


There are 5 key factors to consider for your feature designer radiators

This guide is to help steer you through what's important when choosing a feature designer radiator, which will both create a stunning focal point and warm your home. It doesn't matter where the space is, there will be a radiator design to suit. Whether you are looking at a total renovation, re-modelling the space or adding to a key part of your home, like an extension to provide a contemporary kitchen diner with bi-folds on to your garden - selecting the best feature designer radiator comes down to these five questions:

  1.  What BTU output is required to effectively heat the space?
  2. Do you need plumbed, electric or dual fuel radiators?
  3. Should you choose a horizontal or vertical design?
  4. Do you want a bold statement or a subtle colour coordinated design feature?
  5. Do you need a standard size or a factory order bespoke designer radiator?

Whether you are re-modelling to live in the space or to sell, designer radiators can stylishly modernise your interior and transform any space.





1. What BTU output is required to effectively heat the space?

With so much choice there's no need to compromise on style. But it's vital you get the space and environment measured accurately for the BTU's required to ensure your chosen feature radiator can heat the space effectively. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and it's a quick and easy way to benchmark the heat output of a radiator to help you decide if it's capable of heating the space or not.




Which is why taking the time to calculate the BTUs you’ll need, is key to you making the correct purchase. Agadon Designer Radiators have a free online BTU calculator, so all you need is a tape measure and then input the measurements to calculate the BTU needed for the space. You can then decide if you want a single feature radiator or a combination to heat the space efficiently.



2. Do you need plumbed, electric or dual fuel radiators?

Whether you have a conventional central heating system or not, there will be occasions when you may choose electric over a traditional wet system radiator. It could be that the location makes it too expensive to extend the existing central heating, and electric is a much easier install option.

The key driver is the space to be heated, but if you're ‘grand design project’ is a bathroom or kitchen, you may want to consider dual fuel. A dual fuel designer radiator is connected to both your central heating and mains electricity, which means it can be turned on independently. The advantage of a dual fuel feature designer radiator is it’s linked up to the central heating – but can also be turned independently on at the flick of a switch if you simply need a single room heating, and don't want the whole central heating system on.



3. Should you choose a horizontal or vertical feature designer radiator?

In terms of heating a room, both vertical and horizontal radiators have equal BTU heat outputs, so it doesn’t really matter whether the radiator you choose is horizontal or vertical. Once you know your BTU requirements, the choice of vertical or horizontal can be made based on the aesthetic of the room and what you are trying to achieve in terms of design and style.




Need to heat an awkward or smaller space?

Vertical radiators are a fantastic space saving option for heating smaller or awkward shaped rooms. This is because a horizontal radiator can often take up too much valuable wall space, restricting flexibility on how the space is used. Whereas a vertical designer radiator can fit into small spaces and use the height of the room to emit the heat required for the space. Vertical radiators can even fit into a corner to ensure the maximum wall space is kept free from a fixed feature.  In some rooms the most efficient wall space to use is under a window which naturally suits using a horizontal radiator.



4. Do you want a bold statement or a subtle colour co-ordinated design feature?

Whether you are considering doing a full scale renovation or just looking to revamp a tired looking room, selecting the right designer radiator can often add the one feature which makes or breaks the feel you're trying to create. Which is why once you have the heat BTU output calculations sorted, you may still find choosing your perfect designer radiator a challenge. With so many styles, shapes and colours to choose from, it can be daunting.


Interior design tips for choosing the right designer radiator

Whether your scheme is contemporary, vintage, funky, quirky or gobsmackingly amazing, your designer radiator will influence the personality of the room. Whilst it obviously comes down to your personal taste at the end of the day, remember that the designer radiator you choose should always look nothing less than fantastic in the space where it is going to be installed.



A subtle, colour co-ordinated design feature

One way of selecting a feature designer radiator that’s both subtle and stylish is to have a custom size and colour. Agadon Designer Radiator can make a radiator to the size and powder coat to a vast range of RAL colours. You can select your colour scheme and have a radiator made within 6-8 weeks to provide a sleek, colour coordinated understated design. Great if your interiors scheme is already quite strong, as it will not distract the eye away from key focal points.



A bold statement piece

Designer radiators are the perfect way to make a bold statement in your home. A vertical designer radiator can add a sense of style to your room with a bold choice of colour and height. While a horizontal designer radiator provides a creative and exciting way to improve the look and feel of any room without breaking the bank. You can choose a visually striking shape and material to give the room a sculptured focal point and a ‘wow factor’ to your room.



Designer radiators hidden in plain sight

Art radiators are a great way to have a bespoke artwork, family portrait or favourite picture combined with a radiator. Here at Agadon Designer Radiators, we supply a wide range of wall art radiators which can add a real streak of personality to your living space. Available as single or duplex, in two stock sizes, and bespoke sizes can be made to order and delivered within 4-6 weeks. We can also make bespoke printed radiators using your own favourite image if you want us to.



Mirror radiators combine designer beauty, function and provide great heat.

Mirror designer radiators are both practical, modernise your interior and transform any space, especially bedrooms, hallways and smaller spaces like bathrooms. Hallways are usually unconventional, with lots of doors and generally a hard to heat space. Typically a mirror is used to reflect the limited light, create the illusion of more space and provide the practicalities of a quick check on how you look before leaving the home. Mirror radiators are also ideal for use in the bedroom or bathroom because when the heating is on the mirror will not steam up.




5 - Do you need a standard size or a factory order bespoke feature designer radiator?

Unique designer radiators to your size and colour - because sometimes it just has to be perfect! A designer radiator can be made to your unique size and colour specification. With factory special designer radiator orders you can have a size and colour finish unique to your dimensions and RAL colour.


Please give us a call on 01530 564 122 or email us at sales@agadon.co.uk if you would like to visit our extensive showroom or simply get more information and expert advice.

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