Vertical flat panel radiators

The Panio flat panel, solid and crystal glass radiator collections feature stylish flat panel designs.


The Panio and infrared vertical flat panel radiator ranges

With an extensive range of styles, finishes and options, the Panio flat panel radiator range is the most versatile within our designer range portfolio. Available as a traditional wet system radiator as well as pure electric and dual fuel, it offers amazing flexibility combined with stunning designer looks. Whilst the infrared range of flat panel radiators comes in glass, mirror, powder coated metal and picture finish to provide the unique heat performance only infrared can provide



Panio flat panel radiator range

Panio radiators come as either solid flat panels including the Scala Solid and Up Solid, towel radiators; plus a stylish vertical flat panel tube - which also come in a stunning chrome finish. All designs give a smooth and sleek flat panel look and are constructed from high quality steel with a powder coated finish. These flat panel radiators are suitable for use with hot water central heating systems, most can be dual fuel or you can choose the all electric glass range.



Infrared vertical flat panel radiator range

Infrared flat panel radiators provide a low energy home heating solution, with a fresher heat and prevent the circulation of dust creating a healthy living space. Infrared room radiators work by turning electricity into infrared energy, which hits surfaces to warm the room. They work differently from convection heaters, which heat the air rather than surfaces, which makes these panels a more efficient way to heat a space. This is because infrared heaters create a heat that is very similar to the sun. Infrared light isn't visible because it's beyond the spectrum we see. This invisible ‘infrared’ light gets absorbed by our skin, clothes and other objects, which is how things around an infrared heater warm up.


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