Top 8 high output vertical radiators

High heat output vertical radiators which maximise wall space and look fantastic


If you want a vertical designer radiator which packs a punch, these high BTU output stylish radiators offer fantastic heating capability without compromising on style. Heat ratings of over 5,000 BTU are considered high, and we’ve listed ten of our vertical radiators that boast high heat outputs.


High output vertical radiators delivering efficiency and style

People often mistakenly think vertical radiators cannot output as much heat as a horizontal version. This is simply not true and what's more, vertical radiators often emit heat more efficiently as they are not usually blocked by furniture. BTU, it’s an important measurement in radiators and stands for British Thermal Unit. The BTU is essentially how much energy is required to heat a pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. As the name suggests, it is a commonly used measurement and metric in the UK and it is also quite popular globally. When choosing a radiator in the UK, one number you’re going to want to pay close attention to is the BTU before making your final purchase decision.


Aurora Duplex Vertical Tube (9350-BTU)

  • Aurora vertical Duplex Double tube design with high BTU
  • New Triangle tube design
  • Can only be used vertically

Duett Round Vertical Tube (7779-BTU)

  • Vertical round tube design radiator
  • Large ultra modern tubes
  • Efficient use of water and fast heat up

Panio Vertical Duplex Deluxe Flat Panel (6802 BTU)

  • Flat panel radiator with side panels
  • Increases BTU by 8% on standard duplex flat panel
  • Vertical use only

NEO Duplex Vertical Oval Tube (6253 BTU)

  • Double tube
  • Very high BTU
  • High quality steel construction with a powder-coated finish

Kamino Square Vertical Tube (6104 BTU)

  • Vertical square tube design
  • Efficient use of water and fast heat up
  • Contemporary Italian styling

Panio Vertical Slim Duplex Deluxe (5947 BTU)

  • Vertical Double Panel with side covers 
  • Double panel but still flat to the wall
  • High heat output

Titan Vertical Duplex Tube (5920 BTU)

  • Universal double tube design
  • Horizontal and vertical fitting
  • Very high heat output

Kamino Round Vertical Tube (5545 BTU)

  • Constructed from high quality steel with a powder coated finish
  • Vertical round tube design
  • Efficient use of water and fast heat up

How to calculate the BTU output you need

First see our online BTU calculator, it allows you to calculate what BTU will be needed by a radiator, or combination of radiators for the space you need heating. There are several variables that need taking into consideration. The first being the size and type of room the radiator will be fitted into. There are several factors which can affect this, such as room dimensions, insulation quality of the room and any additional heating (e.g. a kitchen is likely to have an oven, where as a bedroom is likely to be unoccupied so little other heat). Once you have answered the questions in the calculator you may find the space needs more than one radiator to heat the room efficiently.


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