Small kitchen radiator ideas

Smaller kitchens lack of horizontal wall space is no problem with the right designer radiator options.


Top 5 space saving radiators for small kitchens

The kitchen can be one of those tricky areas where heat is very important but your options may be limited because of a lack of horizontal wall space. If you're looking into heating options for your small kitchen or kitchen diner renovation, then you'll quickly realise limited wall space for radiators is your biggest challenge. Typically, the entire kitchen wall space seems taken up by cupboards - so how do you heat that space if under floor heating isn't an option?

Ultra slim radiators for small kitchens

A slim designer radiators' main advantage is they are an excellent way of heating a room that has limited wall space, because slim radiators have minimal protrusion into your room, so ideal for a small kitchen. Slim radiators create a sleek modern look, and fit where a more traditionally styled radiator just won't or if it can, it can't provide the performance needed. If you want to increase the BTU output, but don’t have a lot of available wall space, vertical slim radiators are ideal. You can simply replace an existing panel heater with a slim vertical designer radiator to add to the heat capacity from an existing radiator location. Slim vertical designer radiators are available in an extensive range of designs and sizes and are an excellent way of heating any room, hallway or bathroom - but just perfect for small kitchens.


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