Living room radiator ideas

If you're planning a makeover for your living room and want to upgrade your existing radiators, then take a look at our living room ideas for inspiration.


A radiator that keeps the living room warm and looks fantastic

You need to consider both the functional and aesthetics of your living room radiator needs. By functional, you need to have a radiator with the capacity to effectively heat the space. This may require a single high BTU output radiator or a combination of radiators strategically positioned. So the first step is to understand the heat capacity you need by using a BTU calculator. It may be that you even combine different designer radiator types, especially if you don't want to have the expense of re-routing your central heating system plumbing. So you could look at supplementing the heat with an infrared or electric heater which would be much easier and a lower cost to install.


Investing in a corner radiator will allow you to save on space, and heat the room as well as you can.   If you’re buying for a smaller living room, then vertical radiators can keep wall space open for other uses.  

Designer picture radiators provide lots of stylish options to heat your living space. Designer picture radiators can be 'wet central heating' or energy efficient infrared.


Living rooms are one of the most crucial areas of the home to heat

Our expert team can help you map the heat requirements for the size of room, and their experience will help you understand the possible combinations. Whether you want a cost effective cosmetic makeover or you're going for a total remodel of your living room and need advice on the most effective location (or a suitable radiator for the location you've selected). With the wide range of options available at Agadon Designer Radiators, you'll be sure to find an option to suit your interior design tastes.



A slimline designer radiator will add style and warmth to any room in your home. A slim radiator offers the combination of a stunning focal point, subtle stylish colour co-ordinated radiator and a touch of minimalist design to your home.


Infrared room radiators offer option of a stunning focal point or subtle stylish colour co-ordinated radiator, combining the look you want with energy efficiency to help enhance the look and feel of your home.


Electric designer radiators provide a low energy home heating solution, can provide instant heat or a more flexible heating option


A radiator that compliments the style and colours of your living room

Once you have functional aspects determined, it's the fun part - selecting a designer radiator which is a stunning addition to your living room. Whether you want a dramatic focal point, subtle stylish designer radiator or a discrete heating unit which appears as a striking work of art - Agadon Designer Radiators can make your living room radiator ideas a reality.


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