Do I need thermostatic radiator valves?

You can improve the overall performance and efficiency of your designer radiator by fitting a thermostatic valve. This will give you a greater degree of control over the temperature of each individual unit.


What are thermostatic radiator valves?

A thermostatic radiator valve, or TRV, fits on the side of your radiator and enables you to control the temperature that the radiator it is attached to will heat up to. They enable you to maximise a single boiler and enjoy different heats across different rooms. Bathroom and bedrooms, for example, can be turned up high to ensure they stay extra toasty on cold evenings, while a storeroom radiator can be set to low to provide minimal heat in an unused living space.

A TRV is a self-regulating valve, so it adjusts the flow of water into your radiator, depending on the setting. As the room temperature increases, the valve head expands, adjusting a pin in the valve body so that it closes to receive less hot water into the radiator. When the room is cooler, the valve starts to reopen, allowing in more hot water.


The different types of thermostatic radiator valves

It’s not just the radiator itself that you need to consider when it comes to creating your perfect look. The thermostatic radiator valves you choose, can provide that final flourish to the overall design. But what are the different types of radiator valves and which one is right for you?


Angled or straight thermostatic radiator valves?

Each type of radiator valve comes in different variations, which determine how they are fitted on a radiator.

Angled thermostatic radiator valves are the most common variation. They have a 90° bend in the valve body which connects the radiator to the rest of the central heating circuit. They are best used where the pipework comes through the floor or wall and the radiator inlets at the sides.


Straight thermostatic radiator valves are less common. They work simply by connecting the radiator to the rest of the system without a bend in the valve body. These are best used where the pipework and radiator inlets align, such as through the floor, and the radiator has inlets at the bottom.

Some thermostatic radiator valves are also designed to be bi-directional, meaning the sensing head can be fitted either vertically or horizontally on the flow or return pipes of the radiator, depending on the direction of the flow.


A wide range of designer thermostatic radiator valves to suit any need

At Agadon, as well as more than 10,000 radiators in stock at our designer radiator showroom in Ashby de la Zouch, we also have a wide range of designer radiator valves to suit any need. These include chrome thermostatic radiator valves, nickel thermostatic radiator valves, white thermostatic radiator valves, anthracite thermostatic radiator valves and central radiator valves.

You can also browse the designer radiators section of our website and work out what heat output you may require using our online BTU calculator. You’ll also find designer radiator inspiration, tips and ideas on our blog, which includes advice articles, pictures and product reviews, as well as updates, company news and events.


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