Are designer radiators worth it?

Whilst most standard radiators are a bit boring, the layout of most homes means standard radiators are fairly hidden, whilst designer radiators can be used as a focal point and feature.


The key purpose of a designer radiator is to heat your space

Homeowners and interior designers may choose a designer radiator based on its looks, it’s important to remember that the key purpose of a designer radiator is to heat your room. A good design consideration here, is working out exactly what heat (BTU) output your room requires to warm it up adequately. You can do this quickly and easily using our online BTU calculator. If you’re in doubt, speak to one of our expert team who will be able to advise you on the best place to position your designer radiators, to get them working as efficiently as possible.

Best performance designer radiators

As a general rule of thumb, vertical designer radiators don't achieve the same heat output performance of horizontal radiators. However, if you do your research and filter the selection of radiators based upon the BTU's - you'll see you can find a great looking solution that not only looks great, but heats your room super efficiently too.

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