Designer vertical radiators

Tall slim, designer vertical radiators are perfect for rooms short on wall space.


Tubular vertical radiators

Four stunning tubular designer vertical radiator styles to choose from, whatever look you need in tubular vertical radiators, we have it covered. Our four tubular ranges of vertical radiators are available in a basic colour range, factory order RAL colour or with an integrated mirror.

Designer vertical flat panel radiators

The Panio flat panel, solid and crystal glass radiator collections feature stylish flat panel designs.  These flat panel vertical radiators are suitable for use with hot water central heating systems, most can be dual fuel or you can choose the all electric glass range.

High output vertical radiators

High output vertical radiators delivering efficiency and style. People often mistakenly think vertical radiators cannot output as much heat as a horizontal version. This is simply not true and what's more, vertical radiators often emit heat more efficiently as they are not usually blocked by furniture.

Are vertical or horizontal radiators best?

A better question would be which one is the right type of designer radiator for your room – Horizontal or Vertical? Sometimes the smallest and most efficient wall space to use is underneath a window which means a horizontal radiator is the obvious choice.  Other times it’s a jutting out wall keeping up the wall between a new extension and the older part of the house and this would mean a vertical radiator would be best.

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